Ah… this book! There are so many people to thank for this book.

First, we would like to thank you, the readers, for picking up this book and reading it (don’t stop at the acknowledgements please), second, all those authors who have contributed a chapter and, third, all those who helped peer review each others’ chapter! Thanks so much for making this book so awesome.

And now for those that went the extra mile!

Thanks to those who were on the editorial committee, including, and in no particular order, Victoria Walden, Richard Beggs, Wendy Johnston, Nayiri Keshishi, Eileen O’leary, Sophie Rutschmann, Peter Finn, Amanda Millmore, Anuradha Peramunugamage, Samuel Saunders, Isobel Gowers, Lucy Spowart, Alison Harvey, Nina Walker, Dale Munday, Rachel Robinson, Vicki Dale, Florent Zwiers, Christina Magkoufopoulou, Andrew Middleton, Melanie Stockton-Brown, George Kyparissiadis, Anastasia Logotheti, Patricia Perman-Dee, Kasia Mika, Paolo Oprandi, Ikedinachi Ogamba, Marta Vianya-Estopa, Alice Cherestes, Jamie Heywood, Matt Parkman, Olga Kozar, Wendy Ashall, Nicoletta Di Ciolla, Artemis Alexiou, Katharine Jewitt, Shelini Surendran, Eugenia Tzoumaka and Thomas Broderick.

Thanks to those on the publishing committee, which included Shelini Surenden, Ikedinachi Ogamba and Paolo Oprandi.

Thanks also to the super reliable Shelini Surenden and Nariyi Keshishi who proofread each individual chapter, to the energetic Nicoletta di Ciolla who proofread the section introductions, to the diligent Richard Beggs who did incredible work on checking the images, to the fantastic Christina Magkoufopoulou who was a peer reviewer par excellence and to the super-amazing Vicki Dale for going above and beyond with chasing up unfinished chapters, proofreading the references and picture editing.

Thanks to the incredible and super patient Catrina Hey from Sussex Open Press who helped us publish the book on the PressBooks platform and to the University of Sussex for paying for the hidden costs such as DOI registrations.

And finally thanks to Tab Betts and Paolo Oprandi who took on lead editorial roles and coordinated the book from the side of the Active Learning Network.

What an amazing team effort. Please enjoy the book!



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